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Executory process

 Executory process, as a final stage of the proceedings, plays an important role in enhancing law which consists in proper and timely execution of judgment, and in turn, the protection of property and non-property personal rights of the citizens. 

When the Law of Ukraine “On executory process” was carried into effect, state executive authority received wide procedural power, which defined the procedure of judgment execution by judicial institutions; according to law they are subject to compulsory implementation if otherwise occurred.  

It has been practically proved that “to win in court” is only a half-way process, as not all the judgments are executed because of numerous objective and subjective factors. It is quality legal conduct of the execution procedure that can remove the obstacles.

The employees of our company have extensive experience in executory proceedings in the cases of all categories. Some of them used to work in state executive authorities, and they are well aware of some specific aspects of executory process. Our help in this sphere is crucial for your success.

We offer you assistance in the following cases

Conductofexecutoryprocessinthebodiesofstateexecutiveauthoritieswhenjudgment on non-property disputes is executed

UAH 2000  and up

Conductofexecutoryprocessinthebodiesofstateexecutiveauthoritieswhenjudgment on property disputes is executed

UAH 3000  and up

Appealtotheresolutiontoopenexecutoryprocess, theresolutiontorefuseopeningexecutoryprocess 

UAH 3000  and up

Conductofidentifyingpersonalpropertyandrealestateofadebtor, his/heraccountsinbankinginstitutions

UAH 2000  and up

Exclusion of property from a judicial letter

UAH 3000  and up

Tojudiciallycancelserviceofattachment (personalpropertyandrealestate)

UAH 2000  and up

Tojudiciallylimitadebtors goingabroad 

UAH 2000  and up


UAH 2000  and up

Conduct of the execution of foreign courts’ judgments  

UAH 5 000  and up


UAH 1 000  and up


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